household inventory value of your items

Doing a household inventory is a great way of knowing what the value of your items is.

At the same time you have to know what to include in the list. It also comes in handy when you’re taking out an insurance cover. Whatever your reasons are, ensure that you have done a thorough check and recorded everything that you own.household inventory

To make work easy for you, prepare a checklist of all the items you have in the house. It’d be helpful to go from room to anther to ensure that you have recorded everything that you own. On your list, include the day of purchase and the price that the item cost at that time. If you have those receipts intact, you may want to file them alongside the inventory checklist for future records.

Video: Technology makes all things easier.

You may want to avoid the hustle that comes with noting down everything and simply make a video. If you decide to do this, ensure that all items are captured as individually and not as part of other assets. Try as much as you can to have the items visibly appearing without the hindrance of others in the same view.

Photography: With a good camera, you can take some clear shots and file them safely.

At the back of every photo, you could indicate the date of acquisition and the purchase price of the item for valuation purposes. Just like with the video option, it would be wise to ensure that you photograph every asset separately or similar items together, to avoid too much cluttering.

Good old paper: Paper is old school and time consuming but it works perfectly. You can group the items as per their physical location such as the kitchen and even have a column for price and date of purchase. It might be outdated but very efficient.

After you’ve taken the inventory, file your information safely for future reference. In case disaster strikes, which we always hope would not, you are covered regarding getting your compensation fast-tracked. You could scan and save the list on the cloud or in a safe-deposit box in the bank. Anywhere outside your home would be ideal.

Here’s a sample of an inventory list for a household:

Living Room:

· Sofa set(s)

· Wall unit and/or entertainment center.

· Musical instrument(Piano, violin)

· Coffee table

· End tables

Dining Room:

· Dining table.

· Chairs.

· Silverware

· Tea and coffee set

· Serving table or cart.

· Crystal

· Table linens


· Table

· Chairs

· Oven and/stove

· Refrigerator

· Microwave Oven

· Dishwasher

· Dishes

· Kitchen Utensils

· Coffee maker.

· Pots and Pans

· Other small appliances.


· Beds.

· Linens.

· Dressing tables.

· Night tables and lamps


· Bathtubs

· Shower curtains

· Hair dryers


· Desk, chair, and sofa

· Computer

· Printer and scanner

· Books

· Fax machine.

There are several other places that you could include, depending on the size of your house. You have clothing, a garage, an attic, and a basement. The purpose of the list is to cover everything in your home.